Karishma and Rajat, Banyan Tree Phuket, Thailand

Karishma and Rajat hosted their picture-perfect wedding at the Banyan Tree Phuket resort, and all the lovely moments of the celebrations in Thailand were captured by WeddingSutra Favorite – Priyam Parikh Pictures. The invitations were designed by another WeddingSutra Favorite – Customizing Creativity. Take a peek at the fun festivities here.

The stunning vistas of Phuket proved perfect for the pre-wedding shoot, especially the water views.

The turquoise waves of the ocean drenched the couple as their romantic moments were captured in candid.

The shoot was followed by a boisterous pool party that saw the couple and their friends having the time of their life.

High on life and happiness, the couple posed for some mesmerizing clicks at the exotic location.

The golden sand, clear skies and swaying palms of the Banyan Tree Phuket resort made for compelling frames as the photography team worked their magic.

The bride didn’t shy away from posing for the shutterbugs solo!

The lush environs of the Banyan Tree Phuket provided beautiful backdrops for the couple’s chic portraits.

This picture from the couple’s haldi ceremony is a perfect frame with Karishma’s bridesmaids holding cutesy Chinese umbrellas.

The couple were smeared with turmeric before being drenched in water by their loved ones.

We are swooning over this gorgeous couple portrait shot against the sophisticated structures of the resort.

With clouds painted in spectacular hues of blue, pink and purple, it looked like the entire Universe had come together to bless the couple.

Lights will guide you home… the way they guided Karishma to Rajat!

A poetic rendition of colours, this photo by Priyam Parikh Pictures impresses with it’s composition.

The couple’s ultimate swag is perfectly captured against the blushing hues of the skies and these dainty florals.

Breaking apart from traditional portraits, the groom showed off his sherwani standing against this beautiful infinity pool at the resort.

Karishma and Rajat making the most of their ‘mehendi laga ke rakhna’ moment.

Because no bridal shoot is complete without a shot of the bride posing with her besties!

Karishma leads Rajat to their happily ever after!

They pose like a royal couple against the pristine white mandap.

The couple’s reception was all about glitz and glamor…

… and popping the champagne to celebrate their romantic union!

A Pre-wedding Shoot in the Heart of Wilderness at Kabini

Love, at first sight, turned into a vision of the future. Aditi and Armaan’s love story will make you believe in serendipity amidst the wildlife at Kabini.It’s no surprise that these two wildlife lovers chose exotic Kabini as the location for their pre-wedding shoot. Armaan shares their journey of love, with highlights from their gorgeous shoot, captured by WeddingSutra Favorite Priyam Parikh Pictures

How We Met

“Our story is a complete play of destiny. I’d been in contact with someone via a matrimonial site and when I went to meet her, she came accompanied by a friend, Aditi. One look at each other and something clicked. There was an instant connection. From that first second to minutes, to hours, our endless conversations meant we eventually fell in love.”

Pre-wedding Shoot

“I handle the family business and she’s an interior designer but our most resonating similarity is our common love for wildlife. We wanted something offbeat yet personal for our pre-wedding shoot. Kabini stood out as the perfect destination. Shooting in this tribal location was magical. The architecture, the boat safaris, the cuisine – away from the hustle and bustle of the city, this photoshoot became a mini vacation.

There wasn’t any particular theme followed. The idea was to simply enjoy staying in two national parks and to just enjoy nature’s bounty. This for us comes naturally. Our aim was to not overshadow the setting’s unrivaled beauty but simply envelop it with our love. And with Priyam Parikh Pictures by our side, we got exactly what we wished for. Our purpose of having a ‘Larger than life’ shoot was well accomplished by their artistic vision.

We are getting married in Sri Lanka in December this year and we’ve chosen Vivaah Makers to orchestrate the revelries.”

Vivaah Makers talk about their wedding business | In Conversation | Exclusive | Monsoon Wedding in Coorg

“We make relations and we don’t leave it after the wedding gets over, we nurture them.” – Varun Madaan, Vivaah Makers

Varun Madaan runs his dream company called Vivaah Makers along with his sister. He personally loves to explore destinations, believes in an arrangement where he can bring select locations for special celebrations and promotes them has his unique.

We bring an exclusive in conversation with Varun where he talks about his business and shares some insights on the “Monsoon Wedding” he has done in Orange County Coorg, now known as Evolve Back Resort.

WED Tease : Varun, you are known to explore some great locations and destinations for weddings. How do you approach these properties and what is your basic understanding upon interacting with these properties?

Varun: Truly, there is no fixed protocol that we follow. However, they should have all the ingredients to make a wedding memorable in terms of hospitality, venues, food and a great working environment. When we approach them, they initially are bit hesitant as they have no experience, but when we give them confidence to work around our mutual understanding, then it’s more comforting!

WED Tease : How did you get into wedding planning business?

Varun : It started 5 years back with my cousins wedding I planned in Goa. This being the very first destination wedding in the family, everyone was highly excited… I remember my uncle telling me during the course of the wedding period that our relatives are making their own spends and travelling all the way to Goa… your planning must be top notch.The fact that he had faith in me, I was equally energised and I took it as a challenge. The hard work paid off and the outcome was just perfect! The whole process did not feel like a job to me… cos I enjoyed every bit of it. And I feel this opened doors to launch my dream company – Vivaah Makers!

WED Tease : You have recently done a wedding at Evolve Back Resort formerly known as Orange County in Coorg. What made you recommend this destination and property for a wedding?

Varun : Our client was looking for a monsoon wedding and they were open to a destination. After few sessions of brain storming, we together thought of a Forest wedding and that’s when Orange County came into picture. The property lies in the middle of 300 acres of coffee plantation which is something incredible.

WED Tease : Can you share some highlights of this wedding?

Varun : The property is extensive and has various venues where different ceremonies took place.

The rings were exchanged at the chapel (it is within the property)

The youngster’s night was done at the pool side which was open to the sky and in the middle of the plantation

Haldi ceremony at granary pool side area with fun games & flower fights

Flash mob by the family members during the Haldi and Ghadoli ceremony

There is a temple is in the middle of the coffee plantation where we conducted rituals for the couple

Baraat had the local indulgence with traditional coorgi dancers and folk music

Groom arrived in the forest jeep for wedding procession

Europa Band from Bangalore for wedding reception

Dholwalas were flown down all the way from Punjab

WED Tease : What time of the year do you feel its ideal to do weddings at this property ?

Varun : Every one warned us that July is not a good season for weddings in Coorg. But we still did! The property is more on the land and not on top of the hills… so rains do occur but for very limited time period. November to February is the best time to get married here. The property is always busy and booked a year in advance. In order to buy-out we need to plan well in advance and be flexible with the dates.

WED Tease : Would you opt for this property over any other 5 star? Why?

Varun : Definitely Yes! The vibes, the nature, the forest, the venues, the food and the overall experience – its simply exceptional. Trust me when I say this! I have done many weddings across 5 star properties but the feeling of being here amidst this landscape is worth an experience.Evolve Back Resort has never entertained weddings in the last 22 years and I am very fortunate to have convinced them to do so. I can never thank them enough for approving us as the FIRST and making a most memorable Monsoon Wedding for our client!

WED Tease : Your idea of “Steal Deal” packages that attracts weddings. How do you manage exceptional discounts or is it something given to all?

Varun : With hotels it’s a different task altogether, wjje have to keep in mind the running expenses of these properties, and come to a good deal concluding there’s no compromise on the quality. We firmly believe in this and that’s what our brand stands for! Negotiations are healthy up to a certain limit & since we give them business back to back, these properties offer us the best packages.jjj

WED Tease : What kind of services you offer? and how does Vivaah Makers brings difference?

Varun : We at Vivaah Makers provide end to end service to the clients. From the venue selection to decor to entertainment to giveaways to logistics to RSVP… at times we end up planning the honeymoon as well. Our strength lies in the relationship we develop with our clients. We look out for something unique in the wedding – from exploring new venues to working around the couple story. “We make relations and we don’t leave it after the wedding gets over, we nurture them!”

Hampi for Destination Celebrations | Evolve Back Kamalapura Palace | Experience 14th century Vijayanagara Empire | Exchange Vows at the Land of Dravidian Temples

The magnificent ruins of Hampi dot an unearthly landscape that has captivated travellers for centuries. Heaps of giant boulders perch precariously over kilometres of undulating terrain, their rusty hues offset by jade-green palm groves, banana plantations and paddy fields. While it’s possible to see this World Heritage Site in a day or two, plan on lingering for a while. – Lonely Planet

The Boulder City – Hampi is ranked the second must visit global destinations on New York Times.

Located in the Tungabhadra basin in Central Karnataka, Bellary district, Hampi thrived as one of the world’s richest towns during the 16th century under the Vijayanagar Empire. According to historians, it was the world’s second-largest city after Beijing, with temples, palaces, bazaars and water channels dotting its landscape.

What got us closer to Hampi? The mesmerizing and ultra luxury Evolve Back Kamalapura Palace gives the dramatic edge fitting into historic yet Royal era located just 4 km from this UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its fort like entrances, stone-paved boulevards, arched hallways and regal chambers mirror the famed palaces of a bygone but glorious era.

Priyam Parikh Pictures | Evolve Back Kamalapura Palace Hampi

The opulence of the resort entices personal celebrations and private affairs.

Priyam Parikh Pictures | Evolve Back Kamalapura Palace Hampi

The property has villas namely JAL MAHAL, ZENANA, NILAYA and NIVASA that soak the basics of luxury and differentiates to an extent in size and private spaces mainly.

Priyam Parikh Pictures | Evolve Back Kamalapura Palace Hampi

The resort boasts of several facilities that reflect the grandeur and magnificence of the Vijayanagara Empire.

Priyam Parikh Pictures | Evolve Back Kamalapura Palace Hampi

A large and welcoming Infinity Pool, a world class spa offering traditional Ayurvedic wellness therapies, a Reading Room and a tranquil Lounge, are all designed to transport you to an era of gracious, pampered and unhurried living  the true expression of luxury!

Priyam Parikh Pictures | Evolve Back Kamalapura Palace Hampi

The variety dining offered at the resort cuts your expensive catering for your celebrations. The mouth-watering delicacies and a huge platter comes sufficient and the very hospitable staff ensures you are served with love.

The two restaurants at the resort are dedicated to the gourmet in you. While they offer a fine selection of continental and Indian cuisine, they are primarily inspired by the Vijayanagara Empire.

Together, they are certain to fulfill every culinary aspiration and satisfy the most demanding palate. The impressive culinary spread at the resort, is outdone only by the breathtaking setting and architecture of its restaurants.

If you planning your personal celebrations, this luxury resort has variety venues to offer along with the mystical Hampi that gives you backdrop of the 16th century architectural splendor and magnifience of Krishnadevaraya’s Vijayanagar.

Priyam Parikh Pictures | Evolve Back Kamalapura Palace Hampi
If we look at the venues inside the property:

Courtyard can be proposed for Sangeet

Pushkarni can be an alternate for Sangeet/Sangeet Dinner/Cocktail accommodating greater no. of pax than Courtyard

Deep Mahal can be chosen for Mehendi Ceremony or other small functions

Lotus Mahal can be proposed for Bridal Shower/Haldi/Baraat Assembling Point


How about this exceptionally long and beautiful Driveway stretch for Sit-down Reception dinner

Being in Hampi, it is an opportunity to exchange vows at the temples existing from Medieval times. It takes approx. 20-25 minutes drive to these two temple options where Wedding Ceremony cum Hi-Tea/Snacks Catering can be arranged for the guests.

One option is Malyavanta Raghunatha Temple

Other option Virupaksha Temple

Evolve Back Hampi has a total of 46 rooms including 9 Jal Mahal Villas and offers attractive packages. One can look at hosting celebrations in this palatial resort on buy-out with approx. budget of INR 15,000 – 20,000 (approx. USD 220 – USD 290 depending upon currency rate) per head per night on a full board basis.

What do wedding makers have to say?

Evolve Back Kamalapura Palace inspired by the history of Hampi has many venues that leaves you in awe giving you picturesque backdrop and a true sense of regal experience with sumptuous food. – Varun Madaan, Vivaah Makers

It was a wonderful experience to visit this offbeat destination. When we seek royalty its most likely cities of Rajasthan in India but if you are looking at an equivalent and a different destination to explore; this resort fits to an ultra luxury experience and the destination Hampi itself is contend with such a beautiful history that will wow you in many ways. – Usha Lalpuria, 7Vachan

It’s my top pick destination for it is well connected to Bangalore. Evolve Back in Hampi is a must consider if you are looking for your celebrations as it offers everything you would want at one place – Royal, Grandeur, Great Food, No time restrictions for your Dusk to Dawn parties and multiple venues to opt for. – Mahendran, Neferrtiti Weddings

Add an itinerary to your celebrations!

Create an Itinerary for your guests to see around the architecture, history and the ruins of the forgotten empire.

We will be short of must see around but to name a few – Virupaksha Temple, Matanga Hill, Kishkinda, Vijaya Vittala Temple, monolithic statute of Nandi, Hemakuta Hill Temple, Laksmi Narasimha Temple, Stone Chariot and more…. are the well known visits.

Traveling to Hampi?


Nearest Cities By Road

Bengaluru (340 Kms)
Hyderabad (420 Kms)
Goa (360 Kms)
Hassan (340 Kms)

Nearest Airports

Hampi (VDY) (29 Kms)
Hubli (HBX) (198 Kms)
Bengaluru (BLR) (350 Kms)

Nearest Railway Stations

Hospet (HPT) (16 Kms)
Bellary (BAY) (55 Kms)

Kiara and Kabir, Evolve Back Kamalapura Palace, Hampi ​

Kiara and Kabir’s destination wedding at Evolve Back Kamalapura Palace, Hampi was like a fairytale come true for them.

Kiara and Kabir had their hearts set on beginning their new journey in a palace. They found their royal venue at Evolve Back Kamalapura Palace, Hampi. With moments from the nuptials captured by WeddingSutra Favorite Priyam Parikh Pictures, all the fun and joy at this special occasion was preserved for posterity. Here, we share all the interesting details of their destination wedding and their journey of love.

How we met

Kabir and Kiara were both studying abroad, and they happened to meet at a common family friend’s wedding. They both thought the other was perfect. When their families saw the interest between them, they got involved and there was no looking back.

Wedding Venue

The couple wanted a royal destination wedding but not the usual Rajasthan route. While looking for something unique, their wedding planner suggested the magnificent Evolve Back Kamalapura Palace, Hampi.

Wedding Functions

Cocktail Party

The bride wore a royal blue off the shoulder gown with a diamond choker and chandelier earrings. The groom looked handsome in a midnight blue suit with a pale blue striped tie. The colors stood out beautifully against the backdrop of the pool and a starry night. To the function, the bride went with dark smoky eyes and a deep plum lipstick to stand out against the night sky and the royal blue of her gown.


For this event, the bride wore a bright sage green and pink lehenga with a green choli and a pink dupatta. She accessorized it with a layered pearl necklace and matching earrings. The groom looked dapper in a pale yellow kurta with darker yellow motifs paired with white pants. The couple chose these colors to go with the decor of their mehndi ceremony as well as to add a playful atmosphere to their day and match their sunny personalities. The bride’s look for this ceremony was created with a shimmery pink eye shadow, dark mascara with a springtime bright pink lip to add romance to the day.


The wedding outfits were chosen keeping in mind an extravagant, royal feel. Kiara looked resplendent in an embroidered gold lehenga with a pink blouse and a sheer gold dupatta with pink accents. She wore traditional Polki jewellery. On the other hand, Kabir looked every bit like a Prince Charming in his pale pink and gold sherwani with a pink floral safa.

All the outfits for the bride and groom were designed and created by Sumit Goel. All in all this was a beautiful wedding with a truly royal feel put together by a wonderful team, making the newlywed couple truly happy with wonderful memories.

The Wedding Makers

Venue: Evolve Back Kamalapura Palace, Hampi 
Wedding Planner: Vivaah Makers, Mumbai
Brides Outfit: Sumit Goel, Krishnam – Kota
Grooms Outfit: Sumit Goel
Makeup Artist: Shruthi Julta
Jewellery: Color Box, Bandra

Photography: Priyam Parikh Pictures