About Us

Who we are ?

We indulge in the finest and choicest weddings. We believe in sharing our expertise to every detail for your dream wedding.

At Vivaah Makers, we ensure that we work closely and understand the requirements of the families. We craft every moment with love, affection and care.

We create Memorable and Experiential Weddings !

Meet the Curator

Varun Madaan

Founder/Director Vivaah Makers

Passion leads you to make choices...

Something closer happened with Varun who has an exceptional tang in creating memorable weddings. His eye of detailing, the food palate he ensures and lucidity with his clients & vendors have got him a long way. Over 8 years, Varun has formed number of enduring relationships in hospitality industry. Hence, Vivaah Makers emerged as one of the recognised “Destination Wedding Planners” creating experiential and luxurious weddings.

Our Expertise

Each wedding has its own unique, its styling and its requirements. The team expertly navigates the planning of luxury  experiences  at  any  scale.  We also  foster  strong  relationships with many of the industry’s respected and most sought-after   individuals   and companies, ensuring that every aspect of  the  event  is  handled  by the best   industry   profs.   Every event   excites   us   all,   and   we   are passionate  about  creating  memories for you.